Barsento Mediascape: Residency , Interferenze 2013 , June 17-22 2013,

AGF (Germany/Finland) alongside Taylor Deupree (USA), @C: Miguel Carvalhais & Pedro Tudela (Portugal) and Enrico Ascoli (Italy) were invited to Barsento Mediascape, the Barsento and Trulli area, focusing on a series of cultural, social, architectural, natural and landscapes elements, in order to recognize, narrate and give shape to the identity of the territory upon which they are working. The aim was to produce an aesthetic experimentation that, through new frontier of art, communication and design, is able to narrate the territory, giving it an innovative lecture and at the same time creating a new sensorial meaning.

At first I noticed the colors, my new friend from overseas too, the heat slowed us down after noon, but a tender wind brought context, people feel gentle and quiet although i expected different, passion spills out of their eyes when you ask about their thing, significance hiding. even my place looks very different, poeple own the same hearts.

Digital derivation from video recordings in the Grotta del Trullo

During the visit of the cave "Grotta del trullo" - a sound chant with the entire interferenze team and participating artists. The site specific recording was manipulated in pitch and layered in 3 layers.

Working with Ricciotto Canudo's text "Music as a religion of the future" from June 1913 excactly 100 year old text. Download .pdf

Spontaneous hum by AGF & Antonio Izzo while entering a remote church (Barsento/ Italy) during buffer time - The beauty of meeting a stranger on a simple mmmmmm - human potential @ Barsento Church/ Italy - 19 June 2013

the real, ever present, complete and obscure, like frozen marble, ever moving, but motionless discord, between contrast and framework

Field recording based composition made of recordings during visits at 2 craftsmen, the stone cutter & trulli maker (an ancient stone construction technic) and drum maker Davide Tozzente from Puglia, mixed with humming and singing in the abandoned trullo in Aberobello plus the sounds of a door-fly-curtain make this sound scape. Both men the stone construction maker and the maker of drums have inspired me with their nerd-ness and dedication to their craft.

Tags: digital music, rurality, fieldrecording, poetry, philosophy, site specific, architecture, participatory, calligraphy, photography, moving image, digital manipulation, human studies

all calligraphy and poetry made of Canudo's writings about music and religion

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Barsento Mediascape: Residency